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Put your digital assets in your pocket

Since many years we are specialized in printing on card material. NFT2GO is a service of the card solution services GmbH. The integration of an NFC chip and or a QR-code opens you a wide range of applications and your NFT gets access to the big vararity of the digital an phisical world in combination.


The Next Generation Of Collectibles

Check the origin with a tap

Prove the origination of collectibles

  • Collectibles are real assets that can significantly appreciate in value over time. Because of this, the world of collectibles is full of forgeries, alterations, and stolen goods.

  • Even with certificates of authenticity, trust is still an issue.

  • we are solving these problems with blockchain-connected NFC tags.

  • Assets can be confidently bought and sold with cryptographically provable records of ownership and origination.

  • Assets that are stolen are returned to their rightful owner when recovered, and the resale of stolen collectibles on open markets is impossible.

  • By outsourcing trust to the blockchain, assets with our NFC-Cards are confidently and quickly traded, bringing peace of mind with every transaction

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