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NFT meets NFC

Advantage of using an NFC-chip and or a QR-code


NFC+NFT allow each real physical object to have a blockchain ID through NFTs

This duality allows transferring object’s value to metaverse and provides a robust anti-counterfeiting protection thanks to the NFC tag


1. NFT of physical objects

2. NFT of NFCs



NFC+NFT avoid the falsification of art works and other objects by its own technological DNA:

1. Blockchain-based anti-counterfeiting system

2. Up to six levels of anti-counterfeiting protection between physical world and the blockchain



What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

A non-fungible token is a unit of data stored on a blockchain that certifies an asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.

Why Pair Physical Products With NFT?

When a physical asset is coupled to an NFT through an encrypted NFC tag, the NFT acts as the proof of authenticity, proof of ownership, history of ownership, and method to transfer ownership and royalties. This allows anyone to verify the provenance of the asset with just the tap of a smartphone. Assets can also be bought and sold without the need for a middleman.


Certifies the creator of the object or artwork

Certifies the owner of the object or artwork

Traceability registration

Pair your NFT with a physical NFC card

We embed a NFC card to your NFT asset
Minting the NFT and coupling the NFC

We produce a wide variety of NFC cards and  that can be used to secure a variety of assets. Also tags can be embedded into different  assets in a way that makes the tag difficult or impossible to remove.

After the NFC card is printed or the tag is embedded, the minitng process couples the NFC-embedded asset to a non-fungible token using the address of the creator. This proves where the asset originated from and is the basis for authentication.

Digital content can be paired with your asset and secured through the blockchain. This may include asset information, provenance details, digital twins, legal information, and creator stories.

Verification and Transfer of Ownership

Ownership of the asset is verified through the NFT-NFC link and is transferred by selling the NFT on a marketplace.


Originators may choose to enable royalties associated with the product. For example, a creator of physical artwork can collect royalties every time one of their pieces is resold.

We merge physical innovation with digital innovation

We've recently been working on an artwork project which merges physical innovation with digital innovation!

We will produce very high quality printed NFC  cards,  encoded with NFT artwork. Each card with an NFC chip contains  a NXP Mifare NTAG and will be loaded with the unique artwork of your NFT.


Here is an exaple of a card loaded the link to yourNFT artwork on the NFC-Chip! - Address:

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